The Group’s history began in 1912, when Giuseppe Cimbali opened a small copper working store on Via Caminadella in the center of Milan. In 1930 the first choice of corporate vision: the acquisition of a company specialized in making espresso machines and the subsequent creation of Ditta Giuseppe Cimbali.

In 1984, the handover to the third generation also marked a cultural change in management philosophy: the involvement of external management capable of ensuring the company’s development during a phase of strong growth. In 1995 the Group acquired Faema and in 2005 Casadio, a historic Bologna-based company specialized in grinders. In 2017 another important acquisition with Slayer, an American company based in Seattle that produces espresso machines dedicated to specialty coffe. In 2019 the Group acquired Keber, a company that has a production plant in Dolo, in the province of Venice.

All of the Group’s acquisitions are designed to achieve maximum productivity and quality in the cup to satisfy every type of customer.

The Group’s vision focuses on people’s needs, providing customers with specific and comprehensive solutions. Products with high technical performance and distinctive design, together with digital services, support the professional customers in the development of their business or guide the consumer using a home coffee machine.

The Group’s new era continues under the banner of innovation: in 2023, more than 5 percent of sales are invested in research and development of new cutting-edge technologies and, of course, in sustainability.

Every member of the Group is essential to achieve success. We want everyone to feel part of something important and meaningful, to create an environment where people are welcomed and respected, regardless of their background or role in the company.






The world’s largest museum of professional coffee machines.
A unique space to promote the knowledge and enjoyment of coffee.

MUMAC, Cimbali Group’s Coffee Machine Museum, is a permanent institution open to the public, which holds, preserves, enhances and promotes the study and awareness of its collections in order to spread knowledge of the history and evolution of professional espresso coffee machines and coffee culture.

A 1,700-square-meter space, located in the company’s headquarters in Binasco, intended to welcome professionals and coffee enthusiasts. With its 300 pieces from the Cimbali and Maltoni collections, more than 100 of which are on display, MUMAC is the largest contemporary museum of professional coffee machines in the world, a place that holds unique examples in terms of technological development and design.

The collection tells the story of professional espresso coffee machines from the late 1800s to the present day, and offers visitors an insight not only into the technological and design evolution of the machines, but also into the changing habits and places of consumption, thanks to the narrative of multiple elements: the museum, with its display of the Cimbali and Maltoni collections; the MUMAC Library, a historical coffee library with 1,300 volumes; the historical archive with more than 25.000 documents; Hangar 100, a multifunctional annex space for temporary exhibitions; and the MUMAC Academy, a place for education and diffusion of coffee culture.

A place where expertise and research come together to create training programs of the highest caliber.

MUMAC Academy is the training academy where knowledge, expertise, and research result in training programs for professionals and enthusiasts. Thanks to MUMAC Academy, professionals learn how to make the most of the raw material, thus guaranteeing and protecting the work of the entire coffee supply chain.

Academy’s Training Center and Sensory Room are spaces of excellence for research and sharing opportunities, where educational programs and theoretical and practical courses broaden the views to the many techniques of beverage preparation and tasting in all its forms.